Nathan E. Nachlas – Unqualified Surgeon

Take it from me, do not trust this doctor with your face! Dr. Nachlas ruined my rhinoplasty surgery. The staff was rude and unwelcoming from the start. I should not have stuck it out. In my consultation, I had a clear vision for the nose I wanted and I made that clear, but the doctor told me what was best for the current shape of my nose. It was as though he only had the ability to do one look. I showed him pictures, we came to an agreement, and I set the surgery date. | The healing process was so long. I experienced excessive bruising and scarring. When I finally got to take the bandage off, I was horrified. It was not at all as I had explained, and my nose was bent! He made my nose look worse in my opinion. I complained an demanded reconstruction. He wanted to charge me another $6,000. Awful!!! Never coming back.

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