Nathalie Landrus – Fresno, California California


This whore has ruined 2 families! Not only is she married, but she cheated with a married man. She used her children to go on play dates with her lover and his children. She told her husband that her lover was gay and not to worry about her constant texting and emails from him. They would go out on dates while their spouses waited at home with the children. This affair went on for over 13 months before it was exposed. They went to hotels, while she told her husband she had to babysit. She’s nothing but a home wreaking leech. She doesn’t even work and this is the payment she gives her husband. While he’s at work. Her lover would come over for sex or they would meet up and sex in her car. She even chased after him while her lover & wife tried to work in things. She drove 3 hours to see him and used her kids again as an claiming they want to see their grandparents. She is nothing but a life sucking narcissist and has used her husband. She tells pathetic lies about how he mistreats her and the kids only to gain sympathy from them. People need to be aware of this sad excuse of a mother and wife.

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By Ronald

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