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This homewrecker aggressively went after my fiance for months. Finally, one weekend when I was out of town on business and he and I were fighting, she came into my home, they got drunk and high, and she finally got to f**k him. || This is someone I was nice to. She applied for a job with the company I owned. She wasn’t qualified, so she couldn’t work as an employee. I still allowed her to use the company services for free, for months. She also asked me to write a financial statement letter for her so she could buy a car, and I did. || I felt uncomfortable with her around my fiance, but I am comfortable with myself and my fiance that I didn’t let it bother me. After a couple of months, another client told me she thought this homewrecker was crossing the line and being too flirtatious with my fiance. This caused he and I alot of problems over the next month. We got into a big fight right before I went out of town. || This stupid homewrecker bragged about it all over social media, and proclaiming her love for him. Shame on her.

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By Ronald

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