NATASHA SHELDON-Miami Beach~ Miami Beach Florida


Complaint: NATASHA SHELDON IS JUST A DYSFUNCTIONAL TAKER! SHE HAS MENTAL PROBLEMS!! Our landlord is ready to throw us out!!! Having this person as a room-mate is torture! She is disrespectful, SLOPPY, and ungrateful. She is so dysfunctional. She uses people!! Takes advantages of her girlfriends whenever she is fortunate to have one. NO CLASS & NO MANNERS! Then she uses men, and I am not sure why any even like her. She is never well kept. She is always wearing the same worn out sweat top and pants. She doesnu2019t take care of herself. Always getting sick and getting people to feel sorry for her. The worst part of her character is that she USES PEOPLE and has not conscience. Drives around in her old beat up green car. Her character is completely flawed. Everyone in her life she meets; she looks for an opportunity to use them! Not a true friend and just a person who is a taker! Stay awayu2026

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Phone: 786-201-4246

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By Ronald

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