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Natasha Renee Brown has been the side chick to a married man on & off again 4 10 yrs. She has NEVER had a relationship or man of her own. She nvr comes 1st & is always pushed to the back but refuses to find a man of her own she is too weak to carry a relationship of her own & the responsibilities that come with it. Even though she comes last in his life she puts him before her kids family & all. His wife moved away & she took care of him that time but the moment his wife came back she was right back to were she started. She is very proud of being the side chick announces it in public by following him & his wife & screaming in stores about him eating her pu$$y. She really needs to think b/c the number of times he walked out the house straight out from between his wife’s legs & she hitting a blunt right behind him maybe Its not him that keeps her maybe it’s the taste she gets from the blunt & drinks of his wife’s sweet p****. When he says jumps she bows down kisses his ass & jumps which is probably why he keeps her as a side chick she is far from the strong educated woman his wife is & she couldn’t walk 10 steps in his wife’s shoes, his wife is a queen & that is how he presents he all the time! She makes statements like she raising a future princess or queen but a whore a weak woman cannot do that her mom & her sister are instilling the queen princess & woman in the young lady. All the whore can set an example of is how to be weak a side piece disrespectful because she is nothing more. Putting 10 years into wreaking a home that is very obviously to strong to be wrecked.

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By Ronald

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