Natasha Nicole Provencio – Albuquerque, New Mexico New Mexico


Natasha Provencio lives in roach infested hotels and in the homes of generous much older men. Hangs out at casinos to find her Johns, but always on the prowl for any gullible “nice guy” who will pay for everything she squanders. It doesn’t matter if he has a wife or girlfriend either. It may be better if he does because she probably gets off on knowing she can lead someone astray. She is a total child emotionally and must exercise control over others through her manipulations in order to prop up her fragile ego. No surprise every word from her mouth is a lie, considering she lies to herself to justify her selfish behavior. She acts as if she’s a victim to tug on sympathetic heart strings. Don’t try to rescue this princess if you’re a wanna-be knight in shining armor, she’s a dragon in disguise!

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By Ronald

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