Natalie Ledwell – Selling Trash for too Much Money

I bought the 6 pack of Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies to try out. There were recorded seminars that were included so I saw it as a good opportunity to improve myself. What I did not realize was that the set that I had purchased was apart of a membership that I had signed up for a membership type of thing that I did not realize. It involved reoccurring payments that I did not agree to. | I found this out the next month that I received another package that was basically the same videos that I had already watched. I called the company to get a refund.They told me I was not eligible for a refund. I told them to at least cancel my order. The representative told me that I shouldn’t. He spent a whole twenty minutes arguing with me about keeping the purchase before he finally agreed to cancel it! | So frustrating!!!

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