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From my Husband to this ugly thing: || 1. Licking, motorboating and/ or sex overall is very important… it is not the most important because it is number one, but it is close to the top… I would like to try new things with you as we become closer to one another… || 2. I have always been told honesty is the best policy… this will be our policy. No hidden agenda’s , no lie’s… only truth can set you free… only you won’t be free (you’ll be handcuffed to the headboard…) Refer to rule 1… lol… || 3. Loyalty… the word itself says it all… we will not put eachother behind anyone on our priority list… we will always be number 1 to eachother… (No Backburners) lol… || 4. Trust, kind of goes with rule 2… However, I think it needs mentioning… without trust, a relationship goes nowhere… I want to know that I can trust you with or around anyone in any setting… You will get the same from me… I promise you that… || 5. Reliability… To be there for eachother no matter what… || 6. Love and Happiness, this goes with what we talked about yesterday… no divorce… we will never jeopardize each of these needs… this also goes for OUR kids… they must always feel loved and nurtured… || 7. Hypocrisy, we will never do… what we tell the other not to do… (ex. I will not tell you not to eat ice cream past 8 pm and then go do it myself…) Goofy example… but, you get what I mean… || 8. Did I mention sex? || 9. Health, we have to work out and eat right… I want to spend a long time together… so, pizza has to be limited to once a week there, Little Caesar!!! || 10. Fun (for the whole family)… all the extra stuff that relieves stress and builds commeraderie and strays away from monotany… travel, museums, zoo’s, fun parks, movies… Also, to be included and not limited to our hobbies, support eachother when we find something we’re interested in that we would like to pursue… || Hopefully, this sounds good to you too. Just know that no matter what happens in our near future. I will always and have always loved you… You will be the happiest woman alive when we are finally, together and I will commit myself to you on the highest level possible… You are my angel…

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