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I’m not exactly sure when this first started, but I will share what happened to me. I’ve been married to my husband for 13 yrs now (together 17). We have 3 children together & he also raised my first child since she was 2 yrs old. I’ve been a stay at home mommy and wife for as long as I can remember. I’ve helped him in every way I could & have allowed him to work hard & make ends meet for our family. I’m all about family unity/orientation & I always put our family above all else. We have been thru our share of ups & downs. What relationship doesn’t? It’s normal. We always make it thru and come out stronger then we went in. We’ve been thru other infidelity issues in the past as well, but that’s long gone & I’m not going to bring those up. However…here goes the story that has affected my life in ways I never thought. || On September 25th,2013, I was on the phone with my husband on his lunch hour as we usually were. He calls me on his lunch hour & we talk. When he had to run an errand (like pay a bill) during his lunch, we’d hang up & he’d call me back when he was done. || This particular day was pretty much like that, accept that he hung up & I had a hunch that something wasn’t right but ignored it. I then receive a call from somebody who knows me who happened to be on her lunch break telling me that she just saw my husband meet up with another woman & they both took off. So I followed my hunch & tracked his phone. I see him drive off and go to the back of another building. I called him, no answer. So I jumped in my car and took off towards the same place he was. I got there within 15 min. I see his truck & park 2 cars away from it. I start sneaking around & then see him run out of a mint green mini van & hop into his truck & take off in the opposite direction from his job. I jump in my car and try to follow him, but at this point he was gone & I was a devastated wreck. He calls me & I pick up. I lost it. I couldn’t find my way out. He had to come meet me. And there I lose it further. He has her eyeliner on his nostril. I clean it off. He tells me his stupid side of the story. How it all started as a joke & she basically didn’t believe he would show up to where she was so he had to prove her wrong & be there. || Whatever the case…he was in the back of the mini van with this woman (who happens to be a co-worker). What happened in the back of that van, I don’t know. But…they were in there for at least 15 – 20 minutes. I met up with her later that evening. She claims nothing happened & she was shocked that he even showed up. I wanted to bash her face. But I kept my composure. || I hate that he works in the same building as she does. I hate that he goes to work there everyday. I hate that 9 hours out of the day they spend it in the same building. I have him call me for lunch every single day & we spend the entire hour on the phone together. He has apologized & asked for forgiveness. I love him & this is the only chance he has to make things right. So far…he’s been doing everything I need for me to feel secure. But this has hurt & changed me in so many ways. My self esteem is low, my insecurities are high, and it’s hard to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. When I take him to work, I see her mini van. When I go up to do lunch with him, I see her. It’s like I’m living it all over again everyday. || We are working on our relationship everyday, but this experience haunts me daily. She too is a married woman. She had an affair with my husband & cheated on her own husband. She has kids as well. Her sister & niece live around the corner from me. I don’t understand why I have to hurt everyday given they work together (well not together…different departments but same building) everyday & karma takes so long to get to her. For me…after I found this site…it felt like the temporary karma until karma catches up with her. It gives me a little relief from the pain I endure daily.

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