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Three months ago I found out that my husband as having an affair with Nan. He posted an ad in the casual encounter section of craigslist. They talked on the phone while he was working for a few days before setting up a meeting. Not only did she know he was married but she is married as well. One of the last text she sent after I found out, she asked him how I found out and he told her that I heard the phone go off when she sent him a text. She reposed by saying that the same thing happened with the other three men she had cheated with in the past. Their wives also found texts. I am sure she has wrecked many more homes. She told my husband that her husband knows that she sleeps with men because he can not take care of her. She left her house key in the BBQ grill for my husband to let himself in her house while she wanted for him in bed. She let him use her with out a condom. Of course he told her that I was a horrible wive. I never thought about his needs. He forgot to tell her that I was grieving my grandmother who I love more than anything. I felt like I let her down and I could of saved her life if I had only been allowed to. he knew the pain I was in but instead of being there for me she found the trashbag and they carried on an affair. When I found out she had the nerve to act like I was in the wrong for cussing her out and telling her to leave him alone. I have been a good wife for 10 years and he choose to destroy it for her. Because she made him feel good. He admitted that she catfished him with her pic. See the pic I posted is of her highschool pic. She looks nothing like the pic much much heavier. But even after finding out she lied about her looks he sleep with her. She must be ashamed of the way she looks because she will not post anything new of herself and that pic is at least 20 years old.

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By Ronald

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