Namecheap – Namecheap is Overpriced

Hiring Namecheap to work on my website was a total nightmare. The first few days, they communicated with me and asked me about what I wanted on my site. A few days later, I started to receive calls from website developers. Meanwhile, my domain is locked and I cannot see it. | I emailed Namecheap right away, to ask for an update, but they were unresponsive. I did not hear anything from them for a week and I was still getting calls from people that wanted to work on my domain. | I finally heard back from them but by that time I requested a refund. I was not happy with the way that things were coming along and I felt like I was wasting my money. | They told me I was not allowed a refund after 72 hours. I asked them to have the domain done within the week. That did not happen, and I am still waiting.

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