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I’d emailed the Director of Internet Sales and asked about the price of a Pilot with leather. After obtaining the “Internet Price” of $34000, I’d then inquired about leasing. After three or four days of asking, I’d finally received a lease quote. I’m sure they’d had no idea that I know how to calculate a lease, because the payments they’d sent me were outrageous. I’d then asked that they provide a breakdown of how they’d arrived at the payments quoted and was shown a price of $38,000. They raised the price $4000 because I’d wanted to lease?!?!? That’s not only insane, but a violation of law. If I’d wanted to push it, I’d report it to the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs. However, considering that there are plenty of honest Honda dealers in the area and I’d found one of them, I’ll simply inform anyone considering doing business at Nalley Honda to be very mindful of prices and pmts quoted to you before you sign anything.


  • Name: Nalley Honda
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: Union
  • Address: 4197 Jonesboro Rd
  • Phone: 404-994-4321
  • Website:

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