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So me and my now ex fiance have been together for almost 4 years. We have three boys together, one of mine being from another relationship, one together, and another from his previous relationship. Our life together has always been on edge. Last summer I had put a pfa on him to finally try and move on with my life ( he had been extremely abusive towards me). Unfortunately, at a conference meeting for custody we started talking again and I had the pfa dropped. Like any woman I believed he finally changed. I thought he was ready for the commitment to be there for the kids and I but boy was I wrong! || About 4 months ago he started going out to the bar EVERY weekend, leaving me stuck at home alone with three kids, who are all very young in age. He would stay out till 5 6 7 in the morning then make up some dumb excuse as to why he didn’t come home earlier when the bar closed at 2. Finally about 3 months ago he came home covered in hickies. How fu**ing disgusting! I was so upset but thought maybe we could get past this. Then the next morning after he had cheated there were texts on his phone saying”good night talk to you tomorrow xoxox” and”good morning boo!” I called him out on it and of course he denied talking to her and said she was getting obsessed with him. So I texted the bitch telling her what was what and she better leave my man the hell alone. Time went by he was gone more often, even leaving me and the kids alone for hours during the day. I received no attention or love and neither were the kids. I knew something was up but never had the proof. || Finally on the fourth of July, his lovely family decided to bring this whore to our get together at an amusement park! As soon as I saw her I called her a whore and told her she shouldn’t be here she’s not family. I had already told the bitch that if I saw her I was gonna deck her but since we were in public place with my children there and hers as well, I kept it semi respectable and stayed away from her. My fiance ignored the kids and I all day. Even left to go get drunk for almost 3 hours then came back to the park like that! All day this whore was following him around flirting with him trying to give him money and trying to play with my kids. Finally the girl got ballsy, got in my face and started fighting me with my 2 year old and 5 year old only a feet away. In the midst of the fight, she trips over herself and slams herself onto her child’s stroller, where he was sitting, and slammed him into the ground. Instead of tending to her son she stood up and tried to fight me again and left her child laying on the ground crying! My fiance came up to me started screaming at me that it was my fault that I started the fight when she had come up to me first and swung first. I packed my stuff and began to leave with my 2 boys when she started saying she had been screwing him on his lunch breaks at work and that she was giving him money all the time and showed me pics of them together on her phone. I had enough. As I was leaving the park I ran into my fiance again who decided to finally tell me he had been screwing around with her behind my back for over a month now. I slapped him so hard in the face and oh my did it feel good! The next day his whore decided to text me to keep telling me how good she was riding my man’s d**k and how she loved f**king him and selling her pills to give him money, like you’re proud of that whore? Lol. He left me with no food, no money, because the money he had been getting was going to his whore, 2 months worth of bills and rent coming up in just a few short days. || But I am a strong independent woman, and I got everything taken care of (: Him and I are on a civil relationship for now for the sake of our son, but he’s still trying to kiss my ass so I give him one of my cars and do stuff for him. But I won’t (: so I have my cars, my house, my kids, and just waiting for my life to get back on track thanks to this pill head whore and that douche bag!

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