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Around Christmas Tina claimed to be collecting money to help give a christmas to a teenage boy. At the timeI thought ,Wow! What a sweet person. Boy was I wrong. After i pay paled a small amount to help, I heard her mention how she put a game on lay away at Game Stop for him. I considered contacting the game stop I knew she was near to see if I could pay the balance off. When my teenage son arrived home from school, i told him about my great Idea. He laughed and said….Great idea Mom, but Gamestop does not have layaway. I’m not sure how much she collected, but it became sadly apparent that the money was for herself. No one ever saw a single item she supposedly purchased. I kept watching her and she was always collecting for some other poor unfortunate. Her problem is she can’t remember what lie she told…So her story constantly changes. Thankfully I only sent $20 and she has no clue as to my address. What ever you do do not give this person your personal information. If she becomes angry or you refuse to HELP her out when she asks..There is a horrible price to pay. Right now, she is constantly on this app. Periscope, threatening a woman and her family . She claims she will be driving to Chicago with two of her mob friends tow to pay a visit to a woman who figured out her scams and called her out. This poor lady has been harassed and threatened for months, on line and on the phone because she gave Tina her information. Perhaps Mr Tina wants to stay out of chicago. After all after she got kicked out of where she was living while in Chicago this summer, she made copies of the owners house keys and passed them out to a few homeless people. She stupidly recorded it all on Periscope. She records all her threats, name calling, and bullying , which shows her level of intelligence. But, PLEASE to save yourself from being harassed. DO NOT, give Tina varel your personal info. As for her web site..Id stay clear. It’s being run by a man who only a few months ago Tina used to harass and threaten. i’m not going to put his name out there but his initials are RJ. She’s been on line threatening him and his secretary recently. That will give you an idea of its stability. Oh, and RJ…or Mr. Anchovie please feel free to forward this to your pretend attorney. With all the threats and harassing your client puts on line to be recorded, I doubt any respectable attorney would come near Tina. Besides ,in a rebuttal you posted, you admitted your client had scammed money from people. You claim she apologize to those involved…If she’s truly sorry, how about refunding the money she scammed. As for the apology, she is still on periscope proclaiming her innocence. Exactly who and what did she apologize for?


  • Name: MzTina Varel
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 1-877-787-4923
  • Website:

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