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Ordered a blower motor for pool heater including vacume switch and control board. Installed and turned on heater, all lit up and was OK, set temp to turn on and it buzzed and the entire heater went out. Contacted comapny and no response. Called a pool company sent out and they found the blower moter I was sent was defective, squirel cage bent and caused my fuse board to blow out. They replaced board and took blower to replace with manufacturer with a new one. COST $380 more. Finally I get contacted by mypoolyard, 3 days later sayiing they were closed for christmas. 3 days? I call their office on 24th and a man answered phone! His response was me send back defective motor at my cost…I told him 3 times I don’t have it now an reputable pool company replaced it. All I have is the blown out fuse board and a bill for $380 addition cost. A few dollars saving by buying from this comapny now cost me $380 additional plus the $250 I paid them. He just repeats he is not at fault and I should contact Hayward. He only wants to take in money and not stand behind his product. He blames others. He tells me all the things I can do that cost me more money and no solution to what happened. YOu tell me if he sent the defective product he sould pay to have it picked up. If he damaged my property he should pay for it. IF he does not have insurance to cover damage to customers perhaps he should not be in business. My only recourse was to contact cc company if damages goods, but a refund still would leave me $250 in the hole. Lesson learned. Beware of things that sound to good to be true.

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