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Complaint: Avoid this company at all costs! Called, and they charge you 139.95 per hour to send a tech to your house. Much less expensive options I found when I had my computer repaired by other tech in town. Cost me only 40.00 for 2 days, and he kept it, and fixed it perfectly, and loaded it correctly. Their techs use bogus software and strip your entire computer of all of everything, plus they take their time, when its an easy fix, and only a software problem. Their Techs are evidently Independent Contractors, and no nothing about MyComputerWorks, nor any of its dealings. The company takes your credit card and promises not to charge it until the work is completed, but does anyway, with other misc charges, that are a scam and fraudelant. Found 50 others on Craigslist, no one charges near 139.95 per hour the most expensive I found was 60.00 per hour. Plus I ended up taking it to a very certified tech, that charged me only 40.00 for 2 days, and completely loaded it correctly at his home. Avoid this company!

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By Ronald

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