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My experience with them is: A spruiker cold calls at home and says their products (in my case printer cartridges) are so much cheaper and top quality. I believed it and he also gave me assurances that I could return the goods with in 30 days if I am not happy with it. A short time later someone calls to go through a question and answer scheme, which is recorded, to make the “commitment”” water tight for them. The spruiker told me about that before. When the goods arrived I had no more need for for them

because my printer had given up on me. So I refused acceptance and the courier took the goods back. Now MyCom hammers me with threatening phone calls and credit notices. They want to take me to court over this. Luckily I have a recording of every word the spruiker said. This is a warning to all consumers out there. You will find many listings about MyCom and a host of other companies which are all related to Leo Pergoli. Some listings also expand on the scenario that there are price differences between what the spruiker says and the second recorded session. I did not experience that but believe it is on the cards. Lots of listings can be found when you look for Leo Pergoli!!”

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