My Secret Closet LLC


Does Not Pay Consignors


My Complaint: This Business Is A Clothing Consignment Store, The Consignment Contract States A 50/50 Split On The Selling Price Of The Clothing. When You Take Your Items Into The Store, You Are Asked To Leave Them And Your Not Given A Receipt For Your Clothing Items, Moneca Monroe The Owner Of The Store Is Famous For Telling People Their Items Did Not Sell, Or Telling Then There Items Sold For Less Than What They Really Did, This Is Done In An Effort To Not Pay The Consignor, Further, I Have Seen This Business Not Pay The Consignors At All. This Business Really Needs To Be Audited And Then Closed Down To Stop Fraudulent Activity On The General Public. The Owner Of The Store Also Collected Unemployment And Food Stamps Illegally. The Business Has Never Paid Taxes, The List Just Goes On And On.


My Demand: Have The Business Audited For Fraud

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By Ronald

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