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Saw the infomercial on this product. Thought would try it. I had been in an auto accident and the informercial stated this would help with neck, headaches. etc. Which I was experiencing. nReceived the product on/about March 2012. Within a few weeks I noticed that the pillow was not helping. I called and spoke with a swervice rep. who told me that I neeeed to give it time, and that I may have ordered the wrong size. I felt that not to be correct as I followed the instructions given. I told her that could not be so. She informed me that she would give me more time to try and would document that I would be given 2/3 weeks more. nWithin a week, I still had not seen or felt a difference. I called back only to be told that nothing was documented. At this point I was angry, as I could have returned the product within the time frame. I explained my plight. No assistance. nStill amgry and annoyed over this matter, I sent an email to custmer service. Never received an answer. I called the service dept again. I asked for a suoervisor. I was told none were available. I called again, at another time, I again told of my plight and frustration. This rep gave me her supervisors name;Alyssa Kimpling. nI sent an email to her. She graciously responded. She informed me that since it was out of the 60 day return policy she would make an exception and replace the pillows. nI replied back, asking instructions. She replied that I needed to call customer service and obtain an return authorization number. nUpon calling, this is were I encountered all my problems. The customer service reps, agin told me that there is nothing in the notes to indicate that they should accept the pillows back. They refused to assist me. I was frustrated and told them good bye and hung up. I again called back, again, was treated discourtiously and was told that no information was documented. nAt this point I called Ms.Kimpling and told her that I did not appreciated the run around and that since they want to play games, I would file a complaint with the BBB and I hung up. She did not even have the courtesy to call me back and ask what had occured, especially since she stated in two emails that she would accept an exchange and to obtain an return number. nI filed a complaint with the BBB on Jan.8,2013. On or about Jan 25th, the company replied, stating that I acosted tem and that I was over the 60 days and they would not accept. nI immediately sent a rebuttal. Waiting, I sent an email to the BBB on.about Feb. 12,2013. Having looked at my case, 57243555,Mr. Thaddeus Lewis, BBB ph number 651 695 2441 I see that it was closed. I sent an email back with a copy of the two emails. Especially since their site states to send documents. I did. Only to be told thta I have to file a new case, since They claim, that I failed to reply. Which I did. nThi swhole matter is rediculous. I strongly feel that there is fraud going on here. The reps tell the customers one thing, claim they document what is stated, yet they do not. These pillows, in my opinion do not have the proper fill, or too much, as one in hard and makes the pillow hard on the neck/jaw area, therefore, making sleeping difficult. nWhen I questioned them about the 10 warranty. That this should be covered. They insisted that is it not.They would not even give me any info as to just what the 10 warranty would cover. nAt this point, I am not expecting anything. I just want others decent consumers to know that what Mr. Lindell professes to state in his ads, is very misleading, in my opinion. Thank you.

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