My Computer Career – Certifications do not certify you to work anywhere

My Computer Career is a business smart to take advantage of the high demand for tech jobs, but they are doing it in the wrong way. I was looking for an IT school to give me that leg up in the industry. I got a degree in literature, but it really was not doing anything for me. | Seemed to be too good to be true. They promised me the ability to get all your certifications in a matter of 6 months. I was pretty impressed, but it was super expensive. A whole $75,000. They claim that you can make that back easily after their training program with the certification I would have to get me a high paying job. | I took a leap of faith on it. Bad idea. It has been 6 months since I got all of my certifications, and I still cannot get a job. Not one tech company will take my “certifications.” The scammed me out of $75,000 for sure.

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