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I was just checking my account for funds because I knew we were running low. I wanted to see if I had enough to go eat lunch. Well to my surprise I discovered $149.95 in an un-authorized charge from MWI Premier Health Plus, wich put us in the hole and incurred an insufficient funds fee as well. I immediately called the ph# that was labled with the charge when viewing from my online bank access. nThe individual was quite nice and left me her name and ID#, her name just happened to be Charity, id#9567, what a joke. She ensured me that the charges would be refunded to my account within 2 business days. Now Im just waiting. nI’ve called my bank and informed them of the charge and requested it be removed. The bank rep informed me that the charge was still pending and they could not remove it until it actually posts to my account. The money still has a hold, so even though the money has not been drafted, I cant use it. This is very annoying. nDavidnSummerville, South CarolinaU.S.A. Internet U.S.A.


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