Muscle Car City Complaint


Alice Russell of muscle car city is dishonest and rips off alot of customers! I litterally have 10 that I am in contact with right now. Alice ripped me off of 10, 000 thousand dollars cash 6000 in new oem parts and destroid my cars-stripped them etc…Anyone who has had problems with Alice russell of muscle car city please contact me at [protected] or email me at [protected] I have collected about 10 people so far and have parcial info on 4 others please join us in trying to put her out of business ( she is not the definition of FREE ENTERPRISE our forfathers would be turning over in there graves at the sight of Alice russell. I have 3 people out of country so far and glad to hear from all-I will eventually go to the district attorney with all of my stories and evidence. Please join us by emailing your story and contact info so I can ad you to the list. Thank You, David

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