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I bought a projector on 16/11/2012 from Multy electronics, inc. on 1333 Broadway, New York, NY 10018 between 35th str. and 36th str. I was looking into sony, panasonic or toshiba projector. The salesman convinced me that the projector I was looking for wasn’t worth it. He convinced me, with different offers, sales pressure & manipulative tactics, to buy a projector called cybertec which I never heard of and he went to its website and told me that it’s originally $3,999 and he’s doing a special for $2,500 today. Finally, after many discounts, he sold the projector to me for a price of 1143.19 USD. (receipt available). I thought I had made a good deal. He used confusion tactics and made me believe that the brand was of a higher quality than other famous brands. That’s why I didn’t wonder about the high price. His policy was to discourage you from buying the brands you want and push onto you products of inferior quality at the prices of the quality items. After 3 hours, I checked on line & tried to find out more info about this projector. The model of the projector (HDP-80) was not even listed in the home page of the manufacturing company ( I was not able to register the product to get any support from the company. Also, I found that the current market price is less than 400 USD for this item! (It is in a range between 200 USD and 399 USD). I realize that they had ripped me off charging 350% above market prices. I tried to return the projector to the shop, with little luck. I discovered that on the receipt, it was written in a very fine print “no refunds”” exchanges only. I tried to exchange the items for the actual brands that I wanted. I went there peacefully and tried to make an exchange. The company policy is no cash refunds and exchanges must be done in 7 days. When I spoke with the owner and explained what I wanted

he then tripled the prices of the brands I wanted! His strategy was to inflate the prices so high that in trying to exchange I would have to add more money and in effect be cheated a second time.These people play games with you.They totally ruined my vacation in NY. They tottaly have ripped me off! Never buy anything from that store or support their business! Can’t believe they can go on and on with this! They should be put out of business!!”

1333 Broadway between 35th str & 36th str. New York, New York United States of America


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