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MTB Mechanical seems like a company that will be there for you when your air-conditioning or heating breaks down, but I was misled. This company charges me $360.00 annually to do two inspections per year on my air-conditioning and heating units. During my first inspection the MTB Mechanic told me that I needed $1200.00 worth of parts before my air-conditioner would function properly. I was in disbelief because my units were only two years old and should be under warrantee. The second inspection the MTB Mechanic told me that everything was fine with my heating and air-conditioning units. In a few months one of my air-conditioners stopped working, so I called MTB Mechanical and they sent a mechanic out. The Mechanic charged me $135.00 just to drain water, $166.00 for the first charge of refrigerant and $91.00 for an additional charge of refrigerant, and $150.00 for a leak search which totaled $587.00. With the amount of money MTB Mechanical charged to me look at my air-conditioner and the annual payments that I make, I was sure that the Mechanic would repair my air-conditioner also. All the Mechanic did was give a recommendation of what he should fix and he left. My air-conditioner is still leaking.


  • Name: MTB Mechanical, Inc.
  • Country: United States
  • State: North Carolina
  • City: Matthews
  • Address: 1201 Industrial Dr
  • Phone: 704-321-9250
  • Website:

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By Ronald

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