Mr Tire Auto Service Centers Review


In March of 2014 I purchased tires from the University Heights branch of Mr Tire. This company is actually owned by Monro Tire in VA by the way. i returned to the store and the manager refused to fix my flat, instead tried to sell me a new set of tires, even though the tires I purchased were a year old….and were purchased there. | the worst part was that they also tried to recommend that I get new brake lines and that my car was dangerous…..I immediately ran the car over to my regular mechanic, who told me that my brakes were fine…….I contacted management at mono tire in VA, and have received no response to my story. In fact looking around the internet I see the same pattern of behavour at this and other stores…..these people are charlatans and fraudsters….do not go to Mr Tire…..


  • Name: Mr Tire Auto Service Centers
  • Country: United States
  • State: Ohio
  • City: University Heights
  • Address: 2643 Warrensville
  • Phone: 216-932-2595
  • Website:

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