Mr. Matt Williams, Sr. Investigation Officer, NCS Law Group Review


I was contacted by email by Mr. Matt Williams, Senior Investigation Officer for NCS Law Group. In the email that I was told they needed my mailing address, because legal charges were already filed against me and they want to confirm my email address, so these legal documents could be sent out to me. I was told in an earlier email, which was not the case that this legal case against me had been downloaded and sent to my current email address. That wanted a solution to this problem by contacted Matt Williams to see if they could work out me paying off this debt. I replied to Matt Williams to provide the debtor and and the amount that was owed on this debt. That he could be reached at (347) 669-8240 from 9 AM EST to 6 PM EST if I had any questions and concerns about this issue or if not suffer the consequences. There was a response back later that same day telling me that same day that agin he needed my mailing address as these legal charges are already filed and that again they will be sending me the court papers and to get back to me at a different telephone number also in the New York state area. They said that I could setup a payment arrangement to avoid charges, so that I wouldn’t suffer the consequences, which to me is harrassment against me. In the last email I received just four days ago, I was told that there was no response from me for the past three months, which is a flase statement from Anderson Law Group, and that the balance owed on my credit card, which I was not given, was still owed and that I had nine days for them to receive the balance owed on my credit card of $873.00. This was the last email they would be sending me and they want be responsible fopr any further damages to my credit score, which I could careless about at this point in time in my life. I replied to the Anderson Law Group last email giving them my mailing address that Matt Williams requested in the intial email I received from him. I was given no person’s name to contact for the Anderson Law Group for this last email I received. I was going to call, them tomorrow to find out more about this ongoing concern, but discovered the fraudulent activities by Matt Williams of NCS Law Group and now Anderson Law Group.

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