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I am writing to inform that advance deposit money has not been returned back by my obnoxious landlord Mr. Dilip Raghunath Tambe. To start with, I rented an apartment in Wagholi area, Pune on 1 February. The landlord, Mr. Dilip Raghunath Tambe,who stayed on the ground floor of the premises, took Rs. 5000 as a deposit and alloted me a room on the first floor. Initially, he was a little friendly while the first month’s rent and advance were given to him. He even used to come inside the rented apartment ,due to proximity, with his children, on continual basis, to exchange pleasantries. Even so, I soon realised that his visits were being to make his children steal my belongings while my attention was deviated by Tambe. On becoming aware of this fact, when I raised this point with him, he immediately threatened me to leave the house immediately at the very moment of the 9th of April for blaming his children and went on to speak very harsh words in his dialect. What was surprising that he never gave me a day to vacate the house. I was so tensed for the whole time that I was forced to stay at a friend’s place for a while by locking myself out. At that point in time, my superannuated father,staying in other city, called me stating that Mr.Dilip Raghunath Tambe had ringed him and used abusive language, even passing derogatory remarks against me, but my dad had been able to ask to calm down and provide a few days in order to search a new home and arrange a packer to move house. Although he had agreed on that, he was still continually ringing me and my father to disclose an exact date of leaving the premises despite the fact that he was paid the rent for the whole month and not even a fortnight of stay was being completed. He supported his noxious calls by describing that he had got another tenant and was losing monthly interest on the money that was going to be paid by it. Even so, when asked about refunding my deposit, he categorically stated to forget it or else face dire consequences.I was so devastated by this attitude,more so, since he had sternly stated my father that he would kick me out of the house if I did not leave on a stipulated date, 15th April. Ultimately, I was left with no option but to search for alternative accommodation. In the meanwhile, Tambe’s notorious kids damaged my vehicle by cracking the headlight with a steel rod and piercing the seat cover with a knife. Not to mention, my tires were punctured, clutch tampered and brakes loosened. I felt victimised and once more demanded to him to return the deposit. However, he blatantly refused to return the deposit and agonised me by stating that he would go to any extent to harm me if I did anything extraordinary. All his actions indicated clearly he was feigning and was in connivance with his boisterous kids for their hooliganism. In the end , I left the apartment feeling greatly distressed and mentally exhausted. A few more points to add that made my life hell in this place: Firstly, his kids would create a noisy environment, especially at weekends. Moreover, these miscreants would switch off my main switch which was close to Tambe’s apartment. Again, I was overcharged by Tambe for electricity by misleading me that meter B was connected to my flat though it was meter A. Eventually, I ended up paying more despite my low usage for the months I had stayed. Not to mention, Tambe had even went to tell a lie, during the inspection phase, that there was no effect on the house approach road during the rainfall. I was terribly taken aback as this lie was unravelled when there was an unseasonal rain in Pune and the whole approach road was muddy causing me to trudge. A similar prevarication was about the children creating noises on the terrace, wherein he claimed that it was his wife who would occasionally go upstairs and walk around on the terrace. Everything about this person can be described as tasteless, distrustful, obtuse, obtrusive,nonchalant,convoluted and deliberate. Therefore, please beware of renting the premises at the address given below: Mr. Dilip Raghunath Tambe, Tambe Wadi, Balaji Park, Behind Amrit Electricals, Tal Haveli, Wagholi, Pune-412207, Maharashtra. Phone: 9764406560. .

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