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Please beware if you eat mr basterma meat products. Its very concerning how they handle and package their meats. I got a chance to see close up and personal. The owner cuts every corner to save a buck and will not clean the place up or throw away expired product. | If only customers could see for themselves. Please check package dates, smell test and just be careful. I never should have ate it considering I saw the condition of the entire place. So I blame myself for becoming sick. | I think its unfair to repackage meat due to the packaging expiration date and against food and safety laws. I watched the owner (yacoub Musallam) talking on the phone lying about how clean the place was and it was a absolute lie. Meat that comes out of a auto mechanic shop is plain wrong and disgusting.


  • Name: Mr Basterma’s
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Port Richey
  • Address: 6822, 6550 Industrial Ave
  • Phone: 1 727-631-7770
  • Website:

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