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Javier Moyo did not initially show up on time for the job he accepted to do which was to replace drywall and paint my garage interior. When I called him he told me that he was on his way. He never showed up. After several days and numerous calls, I had my wife call him from a different phone and he immediately answered. When she asked him why he did not show up or return calls he stated that he underestimated the job. She told him that we still needed the work done (the garage was completely emptied to assist his work) and that he needed to speak to me. I then called him and restated that we needed the work done before it became too cold and that I was not trying to rip him off. He responded that he had a different idea and instead of replacing the drywall, he would scrape the bad drywall and paint off, prime, refinish with joint compound, prime and repaint for a lesser cost than his original quote. Javier did come by and scraped the bad drywall and paint and primed those spots that he worked on. He promised that he would be back the next day to continue the work. He never showed up and continued to not answer his phone or return calls for several days. Needless to say, I left him a final voice mail to say that I had to let him go and find someone else to do the work which is what I did. The work the other contractor did was both timely and of fine quality. I was very disappointed with Moyo’s Painting because I was upfront and respectful and was not treated the same way in return. What happened to me speaks of the lack of basic business professionalism. Buyer beware.

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