I contacted Movecorp to quote me to send two boxes from the UK to Malaysia. I had used them the previous year and was willing to reuse the same company as they had operated professionally. However, this time was to be very different. | They quoted me 60GBP a box from the UK to Malaysia. I needed 2-3 boxes shipped. I was informed that I would need their shipping boxes to be sent up front for my father to pack. This was going to delay the process and as an alternative, it was suggested that they could pack the boxes for a LITTLE MORE and so we provided a list of contents. Movecorp came back with a quote of 360GBP for 12 boxes estimated by the list. I called them and discussed that there would only be two boxes worth of shipping (based on my experience the previous year) but Michelle disagreed that her calculation would be more accurate. We eventually agreed on five boxes, I paid the 305GBP for packing and shipping with a strong caveat that I would be refunded the cost of 2-3 boxes as I was certain there would only be two boxes. I expected to pay no more than 80-90GBP a box, as a little more per box would reasonably be no more than 50% more. I actually instructed my parents to not ship anything over two boxes worth. | After my belongings have been uplifted I had to chase up Movecorp to ask for the refund. When they eventually came back Michelle advised me I could only get a refund of 10GBP as they had booked my shipping place on their estimate of five boxes – even though I stressed this wasn’t necessary. | Further to this, they asked did I want the refund to go to my debit card I had used the previous year. What? They had kept my bank card details on record – dangerous practice! | For a small job, it has cost me more that using DHL to use Movecorp – BE AWARE!


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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • State: England
  • City: Lichfield, Staffordshire
  • Address: 247 Birmingham Road Shenstone Woodend
  • Phone: 800-055-6331
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