Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney Inc Review


DO NOT WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!- I called their technicians out to my home in order to fix the auger on my pellet stove. After fixing the auger, their tech comes to me and says, “we fixed the auger, but now we cannot get the blower to work”. This blower was working fine beforehand. I asked them if they would be fixing the part they broke and their response was that they could fix it for 250.00 on top of the 340 they charged me to fix the auger. So, now they not only broke a part that was working fine before, but they are trying to charge me around 500 in total. I escalated this to the owner of the company, who was extremely unresponsive (waited 2 weeks to hear back from him) and reluctant to even address the problem. He basically said I was wrong and it wasn’t working before, which he would have no way of knowing as he never even examined the poor work performed by his team. In sum, I would never let these con artists in my home or touch anything as they will try to gouge you even on parts that they themselves have broken. I used another local competitor to correct the issues they caused and not only was it cheaper, they actually were pleasant to work with. Stay away from Mountain Man Fireplace!!!!


  • Name: Mountain Man Fireplace & Chimney Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: Colorado
  • City: Evergreen
  • Address: 7001 County Hwy 73 #200
  • Phone: 303-679-1601
  • Website:

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