MotorMax of GR Review


When we purchased the CUV, we had a few repair items in the terms of the contract. I do not live locally so I had to leave my vehicle for what was supposed to be one day. I called every day for a week and given a different excuse every time. I had to have a vehicle, so I conceeded one repair so I could have my vehicle back. When we went to pick it up, the salesmen were rude and left us to wander the property looking for the truck. When we finally found it, we had to wait for the mechanic to bring the keys. When he brought them out, he reeked of boose. As we were driving home, we realized nothing had been fixed. I called the dealership and spoke with the salesman and the manager who was very rude and said that I could drop it off again. Instead, we decided to take it elsewhere since we no longer had any faith in their “mechanics Bill of health.” What we found was unbelievable. There was so much wrong with it. I called them and got the run around and finally the worst treatment I’ve ever had in my life. I bought this vehicle with my disability. It has cost me 2x what I paid for it in repairs and I’m still terrified to drive it but I have no choice because of my fixed income. They took advantage of a young woman who was in a terrible accident and needed a reliable vehicle. Please do not buy from them. If you must, have the vehicle checked thoroughly before you do because once they have your money, you are dead to them.


  • Name: MotorMax of GR
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Grandville
  • Address: 3660 28th St SW
  • Phone: 616-261-1600
  • Website:

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