Motobuys – Motobuys Ripoff – Never Getting My Order

It only took me one purchase to decide that I would never use Motobuys again. I purchased two quads for my kids to take on our camping trip the following month. The expected delivery was no more than two weeks. I did not foresee any issues given the confirmation email I receive. There was no mention of any delays. I waited the two week time period and then called them to see when to expect my order. It should have been delivered. Their customer service was awful. I was put on hold for an hour and then the representative told me that my order was going to come in two separate shipments. No reason why. The first one was not expected for another month and the other the following week. There was no point in me buying them in the first place at that! The representative was rude when I told him about the two weeks no later statement in the email. He denied it. I had a feeling that I was never really going to get the ATVs so I canceled my order. That was another hassle all on its own.

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