Moshe Elyzadeah – Sunshine Homes – BUY AND RENTER BEWARE

The landlord Breached his contract with the Department of Community Affairs. Additionally, the landlord failed to make any repairs and did not abide by the rules and regulations stated on his contract. Moreover, he and his management company violated codes and rules enforced by the department of health. He failed to make any repairs yet continued to collect my portion of the rent. (All the while knowing his breached his contract).He also has a vast amount of complaints that were filed against him for not maintaining, cleaning or repairing, many of his rental properties. Which has been kept in such poor condition it has lowered the property value of other homes in the same area. Moreover, he abandoned several of his properties and failed to pay taxes. Yet he continues to purchase properties. Also, I must now vacate my place of residence due to his non-compliance and negligence that has been documented by both the Department of Community Affairs and The Department of Health.

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