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Mr. Harvey Garte, wife and case worker Maria Avalos continued to rob innocent people. They claim that they will be able to help us with the loan modification process with our Bank. They took 3,500 and after paying that money. Harvey Garte send us an e-mail telling me that the state of CA shut them down. I will like to know if this is the truth how is this company still active. They r robbing innocent and hardworking people. These people need to bring to justice in the state of CA. This should not continued to go on and let this so call company rig off people. This is how they are making their daily bread by robbing people. They are nothing but scam artist and they need to be punish for this wrong doings and all the false advertisement they have on the web. I have to call 1010 wins to inform them that they are advertising false advertisemnts on behalf of this company. It’s a shame that peple like this still alive and in humane. But, theu will pay for hurting innocent folks. God slow but he is very sure of what he is doing? I know they will pay sometimes.

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