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Complaint: Purchased puppy from Morning German Shepherds for the amount of $2200.00 a deposit was made in the amount of $250.00 on 07/26/2011, but a few days later Mrs. Mercer (Kari ) advised me to wait for a different litter from ( missy & ary ) i agreed to wait. Before puppies were born she demanded full payment payments were made as mentioned before on 07/26/11 first payment of $250.00 on 01/11/2011 second payment of $1000.00 on 01/23/2012 final payment of $950.00. When puppy was ready to be picked up she ( Kari ) refused to let me go get my puppy ( Harley ) she gave me two choices either release the puppy so she could sell him or me make a commitment to have him flown which would require a $355.00 deposit to har bank account. Needless to say i did not want to give her more money. WE agreed she would sell Harley and refund $1800.00 14 days after the sale. Harley was sold i got no money Kari refuses to discuss the refund last communication was on 10/14/2014 she said (do not contact me if you do i will block your number ). Harley was a pricy puppy two for one paid twice for one puppy.

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Address: Mansfield, Texas USA


Phone: 817..637..0773

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