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Complaint: I have never, in all my life, had to deal with people as stupid as this management company. To being with, the apartment is a complete rip off. It is over priced considering the area its in. The only advantage to it is it allows dogs of any size, which is hard to find in Westchester. Sadly, that’s not where the rip off stop. The property management team isn’t exactly intelligent, and they really don’t know what they are doing. They often make mistakes with simple addition or logging payments properly and will harass you for money you don’t owe them. They will stick letters in your mailbox that say “this is a friendly reminder

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Address: you owe x amount of dollars””. Its very important that you call and follow up because they don’t tell you what you owe money for and sometimes you don’t owe money for anything. They will also try and change your lease. I guess someone realized they made a mistake with our lease so we got a letter that we owed money. When I went to find out what it was for

Website: these people are complete rip offs. They’re useless when you have a problem

Phone: they told me we were paying the wrong amount of rent. They waited almost 4 months to tell us this. They then handed me a lease renewal that I had never seen before… the first page of the renewal has a breakdown of rent for the year. They took the renewal we signed and put a different breakdown with the renewal they gave to me to show me we were paying the wrong rent. I have since found the actual renewal we signed.So

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