Montgomery County Ohio Child Support Bellbrook Ohio


Complaint: He has told them that he lied to them and about money he made and they will do nothing. He told them that he got $4000.00 in hair plugs and new car and $15,000.00 of stuff for around his home just after he got support lowerd by $200.00 for each girl. He live in a $210,000.00 he paid for in full with cash. They will not do athing. he buys books on how not to pay child support. Montgomery County Ohio Child Support is a do nothing group in to big of a county to do there job so they tell me. He just spent $10000.00 last week no stuff I showed M.C.S. how much he spent they said that he told them he had no money. he also told them he use,s many names to get jobs and had just spent over $200.00 for passes for kings island said he had to look out for his needs first. M.C.S. is the worst waist of state money in ohio. I have friends in other countys in Ohio and they get there support. Hamilton,Green county,s do a very good job. He did pay $45.00 last week and they told him that they will give him 12 more weeks to come up with $450.00 that a joke!

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Address: 14 W. Fourth Street dayton, Ohio United States of America



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