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It actually started about 7 months ago.. I was just too blind to see it. I had been with my boyfriend Nick Lashway for 3 years.. we have a son who is just about to turn one year old in a couple days… Either way.. the first text I saw was from this girl Monique telling my boyfriend that she gets really lonely at night and he should go see her.. I told him it was unacceptable for a girl to do that and no way would I put up with him going to some girls house because she’s lonely. He flipped out on me saying he could hang out with whoever he wanted and I would not control him. He left me alone that night and slept on my couch. After a while nick began lying to me. Staying out late. Always had an excuse. The fourth of July we went to the fireworks as a family. After the fireworks nick said he wanted to go get food with his son.. he didn’t come home for 3 hours he claimed he was in the drive through at Wendy’s for two hours. At this time nick became very mentally abusive. He’d go days without speaking to me or touching me. He really convinced me there was something wrong with me. If I could just do this or be this way he would be happy. And I tried..I pushed myself to be the girl he wanted.. but it was obvious his attention was somewhere else. What’s worse his best friend who is a girl… is also friends with this monique. Anyways. One night nick was going out to do something and I saw a text on his phone.. that said so come over and relax with me ;)… I had had enough. I messaged her and told her to back off and respect that he has a family. She refused and the argument kept going. Then nick … instead of putting her in her place flipped out on me. || The next few days were horrid. He screamed at me all the time.. called me a whore. We fought constantly until one day we had a huge fight and he left. He came back a few days later and we made love..then he left again.. the next week was constant harassment and pain.. him just telling me he was taking care of himself and denying seeing anybody.. on august 9th his brother got married. He sent me a text saying he wanted to have sex.. I love and miss the guy so of course I let him.. then the fake Facebook messages start. Telling me they’ve been sleeping together for weeks. Nick denied it of course..To make matters worse I find out I am now pregnant with his child..I tell him and then he denies paternity.. and his slut messages me threatening to beat me up. Its been a crazy few weeks. Nick has been running to me having sex here and there with me and then going back to her. Lying about seeing the other to the other. He has been given plenty of opportunities to come clean. This home wrecking slut knows he’s been seeing me but instead of backing off she throws my son in my face and laughs about how much of a whore she is. Its pathetic. God knows what will happen from here… || I just want her exposed for the ugly home wrecking whore she is. and he’s a Moron. You don’t go from a beautiful girl like me to an ugly skank with no future like that. Something appealing about sitting home on welfare smoking pot all day. Its a joke. Yes. So funny that two children will grow up with a part time dad now. That’s hilarious. What a skank. Smh

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