Monica Kim Davisson Review


Attorney Monica Davisson hits a very frail and delicate woman – causing a cascade of back injuries. Monica, altough a very wealthy attorney, claims to have no auto insurance, no medical coverage. She claims she did not hit the woman. Well, then what did, the wind? How come you gave her your DL, and ID’s? How come you said, “I’m so very sorry, it’s my fault”. My daughter was a witness. | Is this the justice we have in the USA that someone can hit someone and run, so to speak?! Getting away with nearly murder!? Do we have justice by the stronger, like China? | After two years my wife is recovered. It took a good two years to get better. She had to do chiropractic three times a week, at quite the cost. | I would expect better of Palo Alto, and better of an attorney. Where is her kindness? And she apparently serves on the PTA board of a Palo Alto elementary school. | Let the buyer beware of this attorney!!! NO MERCY!!!!


  • Name: Monica Kim Davisson
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Palo Alto
  • Address: 250 Cowper St
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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