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Well you know how they say a woman’s intuition is always right…. yeah it’s ALWAYS is. I kinda felt that something wasn’t right with my husband attitude toward me was beginning to get borderline disrespectful. He wasn’t calling me, when I would call him he treated me like a bill collector, screening my calls and would only text me. So on October 26,2014 something told me to look through his tablet and there was the truth. He thought by”deleting” the photos from his device it was gone forever. HA boy did I fool him everything is saved in the cloud. So I saw everything emails he sent to her, emails she sent to him. He invited her to his best friend’s weeding and as she quoted” I would love to go it would be an honor” She was helping him look for a place in Georgia while he was still living here in Illinois. || Needless to say things did not get better between he and I. I begged to get professional help. I changed my hair I lost 40lbs I was wondering what did I do that was so wrong to be treated like this. I knew my husband was having an affair and I was hurt and angry and depressed. He took a 2nd FULL TIME job, mind you he makes $35 an hour at his job at ADP. There was no need to have another job outside of an excuse to stay out of the house for as long as possible. The affair didn’t stop I knew this because in the bedroom he wanted me to do things that he had NEVER asked for before. Sex was every 2 months and only if I started it. It was like he was cheating on HER with me. So Ms Monica had my husband mind and body and now he has COMPLETELY moved in with her and our stepson. What a waste of flesh and bone! On June 5th he moved with his mother and abandoned me and my son while the gas was shut off, rent as due, every other bill you could think of was coming in disconnection notices. While he is living it up in another women’s house. She knows he’s married and she doesn’t care. I know they both will get what they deserve! Kevin underestimated me as being”just” a housewife.

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By Ronald

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