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Complaint: I was simply browsingseveral days ago to see if I could get a possible loan and decided to exit out once I seen something about an $89 dollar optional “member service”” or “”membership order”” for Money Saver Plus. I never gave them my account number/authorized anything at all. I found out today money saver plus took $89.00 out of my checking account yesterday 11/13/12

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Address: when I never “”ordered”” anything from them. They say they will “”cancel future charges

Website: “” We will request a copy of your bank statement showing the deducted funds and bank statement date. Please allow up to thirty (30) days for any qualifying refund to be returned from the date we verify in our system that your payment was received by us””. Then it says

Phone: but must fill out a cancellation and refund form and send a copy of my bank account statement via fax or mail

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