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My landlord hired modern pest to address a bed bug problem in another building he owned. He paid $4,000 to this company. That building was purchased by a non-profit that was buying up everything on the block for demolition to accomodate their operations. Modern pest gave that building a clean bill of health so the landlord moved those tenants into other buildings he ownes. You guessed it, now ALL his buildings have bed bugs! | The only “problem” the building I have lived in for nearly two years had had until the bed bugs came in with the “all clear” household, was spiders, spiders that are our friends eating other bugs. The folks moved into the apartment in late November. By December the infestation in the apartment below their’s was so bad the bugs bugs could be seen crawling around door and window frames during daylight hours! Modern Pest was coming in weekly. Then they moved into the apartment next to the people that brought them in. Then the apartment next to the massively infested first floor apartment. Next was the apartment next to mine, I am above the source. Modern pest was paid $4000 to get rid of these, they are here every week! Yup, they have been called in every week since JANUARY! At 1AM May 2, I finally completed the whole building now infested. I did not wait for them to come and spray with the might as well be water s**t they use. This stuff is such junk, that while they tell us we have to stay our for 4 hours after they do their thing, they wear no protective equipment at all. | The poor family on the same floor as me, moved in TUESDAY! They were told the apartment was bed bug free! They were eaten alive their very first night! When Modern showed up today, they were supposed to treat all the units AGAIN! That is six, three bedroom apartments. ON guy showed up at 1:30PM and he was gone before 2PM. We timed him in my neighbors, he was in their with one aerasol can and a one gallong size garden sprayer less than 5 minutes! | The instruction sheet we were given on Friday to get ready for the Monday apt they didn’t show up for, says to remove all clothing from closets and drawers and put them on the porch as well as any boxes as these items can have bed bugs in them. It then says to bring them back in after the 4 hours we have to stay out after spraying. Well excuse me, but fool, if those items are harboring bugs and we take them out and then bring them back after the spraying, isn’t that just reinfesting the sprayed, (if it actually worked) unit? | The city’s health officer has said what they are doing is not working, (ya think), but is actually spreading them as the contaminated items are sending them everywhere in the building as they also spread through walls. If just one is found after this latest in 4 months of weekly treatments, treatment, the health department is stepping in to force the heat treating which they say is the only thing that works. | Modern Pest has not fixed the problem, they created it. If you want bed bugs, by all means, call Modern Pest, they will give them to you.


  • Name: Modern Pest Services
  • Country: United States
  • State: Maine
  • City: Brunswick
  • Address: 100 Pleasant Street
  • Phone: (410) 779-1274
  • Website:

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