MJ’S Preowned Auto Sales Review


Sold us two lemon Jeeps that right after purchase starting breaking down. Total repairs have cost us alomost 7000.00 in repairs and tows. The newest Jeep broke down two weeks after purchase and has cost us 3000.00 in repairs with the last estimate for broken air and heat was 1400.00. | When our mechanic took the whole front end off to see the damage he found the air conditioning was put together with straws and duct tape. He said he never saw anything like it. It was a fire hazard. They refused to adress any issues. They are shady to say the least. I have talked with many customers in the area with simaliar problems. | We have filed a comliant with WV Attorney General. They buy auction cars with mechanical issues put bandiads on the problems and resell to unsuspecting hard working people all for thier gains. These owners are the lowest of the lows and the typical “used car ” joke. STAY AWAY FROM HERE!!


  • Name: MJ’S Preowned Auto Sales
  • Country: United States
  • State: West Virginia
  • City: Hedgesville
  • Address: 7012 Hedgesville
  • Phone: (304) 754-6700
  • Website:

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By Ronald

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