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(The picture provided shows them as they now publicly have a relationship after all the whoring around and lies). My ex fiance and I had known each other for 22 years, he was a trusted family friend who I truly loved and never thought he would be unfaithful as my family loved him. This Missy is a real peach, working with my ex fiance (Tom). I was given in black and white the proof in his messages on December 17, 2013 of what I did question. End of last summer he would get texts from a Missy that were always her wanting him to meet her for drinks and I questioned it and he would say it was just some chick at work. I did not think much of it because he put her in his phone as”loser don’t answer”, of course I wondered why he just did not tell her to quit contacting him but he explained it as an annoying coworker and just did not want to be rude. It did continue and I finally said he needed to set her straight as we were living together and I felt this to be very disrespectful. Not to mention, he did not have his own car and was using my only method of transportation all the time to go to work in and not helping much at this time with household bills or vehicle maintenance and it was starting to bother me and I even questioned at this time if he was just using me. He then told me he would address it and clarify to her to respect boundaries. I believed him and in a few weeks her name came up in conversation and he said she no showed at work and did not even think she worked there anymore. I trusted this to be true until a few months later his Facebook friend Missy Harrington Fish who happened to also be a co worker began with”overly friendly” comments on his Facebook posts which I brought to his attention. Then came the 2:30 am messages to him on Facebook. I asked him point blank if this was the same Missy and he said no it was someone else (who happened to have the same job title mind you as a CSR) so I told him she is beginning to be inappropriate in her contacting him and I wanted it to come to an end. He immediately removed her from his friends. This satisfied me as I figured he must of been again telling me the truth that she was just another coworker and it was no big deal….also he proposed right around the same time. Of course my concern was now detoured into bliss. || Things began to get rather tight on the home front and I began to nickel and dime my credit cards to pay bills this including taking out cash advances. All the while he is still not contributing much more than 100 bucks or so monthly and I understood he had a huge garnishment on his paycheck for 3 kids to different mothers who he paid support to. I just figured life would be hard and we would just be happy trying to make ends meet. I finally started paying attention to his checks and noticed his schedule always had 40 hours on it but his checks were recently 5, 6 or 8 hours short and questioned how that was possible. He worked at Walmart and was a clock in employee, this is pretty obvious that it showed if he was there or not. He said he would talk to management and said he did but nearly two months later he was supposedly still getting the run around. This of course over the period of time that now I had found these sexually explicit messages. When I found these messages he immediately went into panic mode and tried telling me those were meant for me that must of accidentally been sent to her and even got so upset broke a window in our bathroom in his temper tantrum. Here is the problem with this, he had removed her from his friends on Facebook so there was no way to accidentally message someone, not to mention she messaged him first. I wish I had somehow screen shot and emailed those to myself but he got the phone from me pretty quickly. I honestly did not believe it but wanted to believe him so badly. Mind you this is all happening while he has now driven my car into such bad shape it is sitting immobile while I try and come up with the money to repair it. I finally decided to believe him and shortly thereafter found out I was pregnant. Not a good situation now. I was more upset about the pregnancy than he was which led me to believe he really did love me and he was not cheating with this”Walmart whore” after all. Wrong again. || We went to Walmart to do some shopping and this chick literally followed us and stood in the line behind us while we were chatting with one of his coworkers I was friends with! It took everything I had to not turn around and just level this tramp, especially now seeing that Tom was getting real uncomfortable and wanted to leave quick. I took the high road, this I regret daily to this day. A few weeks later I discovered the”secret” cell phone and that was it. (Removed) Now I finally threw him out for good after the secret cell phone discovery in February and I went off the grid for a while as I am preparing myself for the birth of yet another spilled seed of his. || I was angry for a long time because now seeing the picture of him and the nasty tramp together I know everything I was told was a lie. Sadly, he is a textbook case sociopath, play the sympathy card to get someone to pay his way through life and use, use, use them till there is nearly nothing left of the victim.. I would say she is just another victim in his sick game but she knew who I was, she knew we were together and did not respect our relationship enough to stay the hell away. There is so much more I could add to this but it has gotten long enough, the condoms I would find (not wrappers) but packets of condoms in some of his coat pockets that we did not use. I was on birth control. I just finally need to expose this whore and piece of shit for who they are to get my own personal peace because I need to let go of my anger and focus on the beautiful life I am about to be blessed with that I will never so much as allow him to hurt. (Removed). These two deserve each other and the best part is it will end for them the same way it began it is just a matter of which one is going to be the cheater this time. || Moral of this story, trust your gut ladies, their mouths speak nothing but lies to get what they want.

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