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Missouri Scents/ earcandles.us and Marilyn Demke called our company becuase she has an outstanding tax liability. She enede up buying an E-Workbook that we offer that informs people how to get themselves on a payment plan if they owe money to the IRS. Once she got the ebook, she claimed she thought it was a workbook and demanded her money back. Problem is, she now has the materials in her email. When questioned about this she called the representative a jerk and hung up on them. This was only becuase they asked the question. When you call, she bullys the conversation, talks over you and hangs up once you make a point she doesn’t like. In addition, the FDA has warned consumers about earcandles and thier danger. Here is a recent article writen by WEBMD Don’t Get Burned: Stay Away From Ear Candles A lit “candle”” that can drip hot wax into your ear

usually as you lie on your side. Sound dangerous? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) thinks so

and is warning consumers to steer clear of products being sold as ear candles. These “”candles””u2014hollow cones that are about 10 inches long and made from a fabric tube soaked in beeswax


or a mixture of the twou2014are being marketed as treatments for a variety of conditions. These conditions include ear wax buildup

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