Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant Review


I was very disappointed with this pageant. Not only was it confirmed a profit hungry organization, it was also a dirty politics. For those who are planning to apply for this pageant, Im warning you dont ever join. First, The winners were already chosen before pageant week based on the number of sponsors you acquire. They also chose a TITLEHOLDER winner. First of all that made everything unfair to the other girls who are underdogs in the competition. They chose HER to win because she has a title already and she will give name to the organization Second, those who didnt give any sponsorship are just a display during announcements, even though for a fact they did their best and really deserve to be place in the top 10, they didnt make it because they dont have any sponsors. They show you that it’s about women empowerment and being a good role model yet the system is sooo dirty and unfair. Im lucky that i didnt get the title because i know that i fight fair and winning a title you PAID for is not deserving, for me i call it a fake title. Btw the miss asian global winner has a b*chy attitude and most girls in the competition would agree that she does not embody the true attitude of a real woman and queen. She is rude to other contestants and during pageant week she keeps laughing and didnt take practice seriously. Overall, i advice everyone, if you wanted to change your opinion about beauty pageants, dont join this competition, it’s rigged. It’s all about the money, not the skill. They dont want real women, they want business women who can earn huge sum of money for them. That’s reality and it will never change. They will also make you sign a contract that states the judges should give scores fairly yet the WINNERS have a connection with some of them through networking. Btw most of the title holders and honorary titles are part of imagine talks and they know the staff personally. Isnt that shady enough? lol that’s why they have few contestants now because of their bad reputation, the staff convinces the daughters or friends of the people they know to join the pageant and favor them. I’m pretty sure this pageant wont last long, it looks credible on the outside but when youve been part of the system, it’s dirty politics.


  • Name: Miss Asian Global & Miss Asian America Pageant
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: San Francisco
  • Address: 1376 Broadway Street
  • Phone: 415-308-6132
  • Website: www.missasianamerica.com/

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