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Complaint: MindArk is the parent company of Planet Entropia and Entropia Universe, where they make promises of making money in their game. What it really is is a gamble. It’s a form of internet gambling at its worst disguised in a virtual reality game designed to lure unsuspecting players to their game in order to take their money. They tie their virtual currency, the Planet Entropia Dollar (PED), to the USD at 10:1 (1 USD = 10 PED). I have spent hundreds of dollars in this game and created several accounts in the idea of trying to make some money from it. I didn’t log onto my account for a while to play, at least since 2016, and maybe one log in last year just to check how my virtual land deeds were doing. I tried to log in on 30 March 2018, PST for the first time in a long time and must have forgotten my password. After a few attempts, I was locked out. I managed to change my password, but still couldn’t log in. I contacted their support chat desk, who then said I had to submit a ticket. I did so. Days went by with no reply. I checked again and the support desk chat said they would escalate. Now I’m getting a reply that my account is a scam account, that I am personally involved in scamming and defrauding others and they have locked not only my main account, but all my alternate accounts. To date, they have provided me with zero proof of this. I’ve had my account since at least 2008 and didn’t play it much, except a brief period in 2016 when I started investing heavily in the game and playing a lot. I did drop off for a while with plans to go back and I decided to do just that last week. My main issue is that they locked my account with no proof of wrongdoing. It seems they are trying to get me to admit to something I didn’t do. They actually accused me of personally scamming and defrauding others and trading with other scam accounts (must be referring to me trading items with my alternate accounts). None of this is true. I invested my own hard-earned money into this game, used that money to purchase items on the auction and from vendors and also traded items between my alternate accounts so that I have have other sources of items needed. I am a very self-reliant person, so I tend to do this on almost every game I play. The current listed value of the items they show is 5560 PED ($556 USD) according to my account management, this doesn’t include my deeds or what these items are worth on the auction, but rather what they would be worth if I sold them to a Planet Entropia managed terminal. I know I’ve put a lot more into the account than this, at least $1000 USD or more. I want every penny back that I invested. As I told Jeff, the Entropia Universe representative with whom I have been communicating, I am a retired US military veteran with over 20 years of service, honorably retired and held the higest forms of security clearance possible. I am a very trustworthy person and to accuse me of personally engaging in illegal behavior is offensive and angering. My FB profile is more than enough to show who I am and what kind of person I am. If MindArk insists on accusing me of inappropriate behavior with no proof and of refusing to allow me access to my account, then I want my money back and full value for all of the items within my in-game inventories on all of my accounts (which they are also refusing to do). This game is a total ripoff and should be avoided. The graphics are terrible, there are glitches in the game, no sense of direction and then having to deal with support that acts this way, it’s not worth it. You’re better off playing a game that’s more enriching like WoW or FFXIV.

Tags: Game Application, Internet Fraud, Internet Gambling, Online Business

Address: Jarntorget 8 SE 413 04 Gothenburg, Gothenburg Sweden

Website: www.entropiauniverse.com/

Phone: +46 (0)31 607 260

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