Mimi Smith – Spreads her legs easier than butter Oregon


This slore, a mother of two, believed the line “my ex is crazy” and began a relationship with a man who was already in one with a BABY ON THE WAY and a 1 year old. He was living with the mother of his children while commenting on this sleazebags FB photos. TRASH ATTRACTS TRASH. Several people reached out to her to tell her he’s a slimeball, but hey…some women are just that stupid right? She still chose to fuck him and he’s taking her to all the spots him and his ex went to. PSYCHOPATH. She’s a mother of two little girls, way to set an example! Let’s hope a man and another women never do this to one of your daughters. This slore farts out loud at work and has had 4 partners within the last year alone. 45 years old and she’s still sleeping around AND she’s doing it KNOWING she’s ruining a family. Classy AND Naive. What a combo! Some women just aren’t “off the market” material.

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By Ronald

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