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She was our family’s beautician for years. She would do my kids and sometimes my husbands hair. We would talk life while doing my hair. My kids liked her. She would tell me about her falling apart relationship with her BF. She eventually kicked him out after he had surgery and she thought he was no use to her. Me and husband seemed to be doing good I was 11 weeks pregnant with 6th child. I thought he was happy, he would call expressing how much he loved me, he would leave cards with my coffee in the morning. We were planning our future by looking for a bigger house for our expanding family. || On the day of Aug 25th his tone and usual behavior was different, I had a gut feeling to check phone records. I found they were spending hours on phone and she was texting him several times. I confronted him and at first he said she just needed somebody to talk to, then he said they had a”thing” going on. I called her and text her several times to leave my husband alone but she wouldn’t answer or reply. I told her I was going meet her at her shop since she couldn’t answer her phone, her only reply was she didn’t cause the problem in our marriage and she would call the cops if I showed up. She convinced him to leave his family by telling him our marriage would never work. Everything she told me about her BF, he used as an excuse to leave me. She was in his head and he was being so weak thinking she could offer him more than he was getting from his family. || Now he lives with her, has nothing to do with his kids, refuses to communicate with me about business or kids. She wanted her ex boyfriend to have nothing to do with his son and would get pissed if he paid child support. So I can only wonder what she expects out of my husband. I never knew what he could have possibly seen in her short, fat smelly ass. She is known for bounced checks in our small town. Her only child is a 19yr (removed) son, so maybe its the fact that he has no responsibility with her. She has destroyed my kids, they have had such a hard time with this. I am now due in March for a special needs child that he refuses to even discuss with me. || I filed for divorce and now am at the point where she can play wife to my husband but I refuse for her to play mom to my kids. She pretends to be religious while green with envy for somebody else’s life.

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